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The 2020 I/DD Executive Summit: Strategies For The Future

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The 2020 I/DD Executive Summit: Strategies For The Future

Provider organizations serving individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) are facing new challenges that are forcing then to make difficult decisions. There are daily struggles balancing the personal experience and quality of service with operational efficiencies that ensure financial sustainability. Yet in this environment, innovation is taking root. Providers are finding ways to be efficient and more effective, and staff is more engaged, which is improving the experience for individuals and their families. The 2020 I/DD Executive Summit will provide the information, tools and resources your organization needs to build more efficient service models and business processes, as well as to deliver more effective care.

With a focus on strategies for the future, this is an essential event for any executive currently serving the I/DD population. Highlights of the agenda include discussions on the future of I/DD- including new ways of engaging and retaining staff to ensure continuity of service for this vulnerable population, how innovative technologies are being harnessed to improve care and business processes and mergers, acquisitions, & affiliations readiness.


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  • This summit was informative for anyone trying to navigate the changing policies that affect people with I/DD.
  • Thank you for organizing a fabulous opportunity for learning and networking with colleagues and leaders, all focused on creating a better future for our communities.
  • Relevant and timely information focused on taking action(s) NOW to prepare for the ongoing changes to the I/DD sector. Learning from the experiences of others while gaining insight into the reform of Medicaid and ‘the system’ was extremely valuable for our organization.
  • It was refreshing to hear from people that were determined to cause action and solve problems instead of those who only vented their hardships without proposing any solutions.
  • It was rare to attend an event where leadership was so engaged and encouraged to speak with their peers.

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11:00 am

Welcome & Opening Remarks

11:15 am

The Future Of Community-Based I/DD Services

Provider organizations caring for consumers with I/DD are in a state of flux, given the continually changing health care environment, especially with COVID-19. You’re also confronted by changing regulations, the move to managed care, a shift to home and community based services (HCBS), change from congregate to independent living, increased use of technology for services, staffing challenges and more. At the same time payers are looking for integrated delivery systems, comprehensive support networks, person-centered care coordination, and quality assurance. Learn how to navigate the changes and meet expectations as you prepare to work in a managed care environment. Examine best practices in complex care management and see how you can meet expectations in value-based purchasing and align the goals of provider organizations and payers.

12:15 pm

Networking Break with Michael Hammond

12:30 pm

Leveraging Technology To Improve Services For Consumers With I/DD

COVID-19 has shown that putting technology in the hands and homes of people with I/DD can open up access to care while keeping consumers and staff safe. Even before the crisis, a handful of states that adopted a technology-centric approach—Technologies First—to expand access to care for people with I/DD saw positive outcomes. Managed care organizations are demanding increased levels of technology sophistication to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and enhance the quality of life for consumers. Are you ready for this new tech-driven future of service delivery? See how you can nurture a change in leadership mindset and a new service culture while making the case for infrastructure investments and quick adoption or scaling of technology. Learn how you can plan, select, and implement technology for consumer-directed, home-based care.

1:45 pm

Lunch Break

2:15 pm

Recruiting & Retaining Staff: It’s Not Impossible

The pandemic crisis is exacerbating the perennial issue of staff shortages in the I/DD services sector. How do you counter high turnover, inability to retain staff after investing in training and skills development, and the low wage constraints that tight budgets and funding impose? The staffing crisis will not go away and will impede efforts to sustain your organization and help the consumers you serve live successfully in the community. Learn new tactics and models to recruit, train, and retain an adequate workforce. Discover how you can be a competitive employer. Get new ideas for how to attract new talent, leverage technology to help staff on the job, provide workplace supports, and create opportunities for advancement.

  • Carl Clark, II
    President & Chief Executive Officer
    Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health
  • Stacy DiStefano
    Chief Operating Officer
    Chimes International, Ltd.
3:30 pm


3:45 pm

Mergers, Acquisitions, & Affiliations Readiness: What Does It Take?

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Nonprofits tend to wait until they are on the brink of collapse before considering a merger or affiliation.

But a merger or partnership done right can bring expanded revenue potential through new consumers, geographic areas of services, expansion of service array, new payer contracts, donor development, and integration of new revenue-producing talent. Hear from the experts about when a merger might be the right move for your organization and how you can be ready. Understand your goals for moving into a merger or collaboration so you can identify organizations that are a fit with your plans. Learn how you can understand and connect with organizations that might be a good fit—in terms of size, service lines, geography, or other assets that would be a strategic fit. See how you can engage your stakeholders and address concerns. And learn the secret to successful negotiations where you demonstrate your strengths and engineer a win-win outcome.

5:00 pm

Executive Networking Reception


Until the next I/DD event begins in June 4.