August 15, 2017 - Hilton Long Beach Hotel, Long Beach, California

Giving executives the strategies and tools needed to navigate and thrive in today’s changing Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) landscape.

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Which business models are most likely to succeed given these turbulent times? What does a successful Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) service provider look like, in terms of size, leadership skills, management, financing, and technology? How do you plan for the unknown, and go beyond surviving to thriving? Today’s I/DD provider organizations and executive teams need to consider these questions in order to tackle the numerous challenges in the market and position for sustainability. One of the major challenges I/DD executives face is the changing way in which stakeholders across systems of care need to collaborate in this new arena. With the landscape morphing, stakeholders are forced to both think and work differently with Medicaid, managed care, payers, state workers, elected officials, and other partner organizations just to survive. In order to do this, executives need to understand the latest best practices in the evolving Medicaid managed care system and value-based payment market, as well as how to build a system that accurately measures performance in order to get paid. Organizations are also faced with the challenges of understanding the new financing options and meeting the increasingly demanding performance expectations of payers. Executives must prepare and understand how to evaluate if and when to consider a merger or acquisition, and what technology is needed to meet these new payer expectations in order to succeed in the ever changing value-based marketplace. The 2017 OPEN MINDS I/DD Executive Summit is designed to provide practical, cutting-edge ideas for executives, with a clear vision on how to continue to move their organization forward successfully, despite all the turbulence. With two opportunities to attend throughout the year, this information-packed event will give your organization the strategies and tools you need to overcome the challenges of today’s changing marketplace. Registration includes a copy of “State of the States: 2017.” 


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  • This summit was informative for anyone trying to navigate the changing policies that affect people with I/DD.
  • Thank you for organizing a fabulous opportunity for learning and networking with colleagues and leaders, all focused on creating a better future for our communities.
  • Relevant and timely information focused on taking action(s) NOW to prepare for the ongoing changes to the I/DD sector. Learning from the experiences of others while gaining insight into the reform of Medicaid and ‘the system’ was extremely valuable for our organization.
  • It was refreshing to hear from people that were determined to cause action and solve problems instead of those who only vented their hardships without proposing any solutions.
  • It was rare to attend an event where leadership was so engaged and encouraged to speak with their peers.


August 15, 2017 @ Hilton Long Beach

701 West Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, California 90831

7:30 am

Registration & Networking Breakfast


After you check in for the Summit, start off the morning with breakfast and networking. Use this time to catch up with colleagues, discuss the day’s upcoming sessions with our team of expert speakers, and meet new people - you never know what doors may open when you take the time to network with your peers.


9:00 am

Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks

9:15 am

The State of the States in Developmental Disabilities: 2017

Opening Plenary

The past four decades have seen significant changes and progress in the services and supports available to people with I/DD and their families. This plenary address will focus on the most contemporary trends in national spending on these services, including an analysis of emerging data on availability, cost, reimbursement models and other critical factors for effective service delivery. The current California service system, among other states, will be assessed with recommendations for future improvements and a discussion of opportunities for innovation and best practices in the managed healthcare era.  All registered attendees of the 2017 I/DD Executive Summit will receive a copy of Dr. Braddock's “State of the States: 2017.”

  • David Braddock, PhD
    Executive Director
    Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities, University of Colorado
10:45 am

Coffee & Snack Break


Take a break to enjoy some coffee and a snack while you network with speakers, faculty, and colleagues.

11:15 am

Getting Ahead of the Curve: Entrepreneurial Approaches Employed By Leading I/DD Providers

Thoughtleader Panel Discussion

All providers of services to the I/DD population are facing unprecedented changes in the market; how providers respond will determine whether they will still be in business in five years. Leading providers in the country are experimenting with newly shaped programs and innovative service offerings, creative marketing ideas, partnerships, cost containment measures, and advanced technology and integration initiatives. In this panel discussion, we will hear about from pioneers in the field, exploring what has and has not worked, and why.

12:30 pm

Networking Lunch


Lunch is on us! Enjoy a buffet style lunch and take the time to talk with your fellow attendees as you prepare for the afternoon sessions.


1:30 pm

Technology Considerations For Managing Performance In The Move To Value-Based Payments

Thoughtleader Panel Discussion

One of the most complex changes underway in the I/DD provider market is the steady movement towards value-based payments. As fee-for-service payments gradually disappear, payers are replacing them with a variety of payment options, from performance-based contracting, to bundled services, episodes of care, and capitation. Each of these payment structures requires access to real time performance data, integration with primary care and payer systems, and sophisticated technology solutions. What do providers need to look for in information systems today? What resources are necessary to implement new technology and keep these technologies relevant and sustainable? Our technology savvy panelists will examine these considerations and share their perspectives on the current and future technology landscape.

2:45 pm

Happy (Half) Hour


Take a break and discuss the day's sessions with colleagues and peers while enjoying a beer or glass of wine and hors d'oeuvres.

3:15 pm

Success In An Era Of Uncertainty: Does Size Really Matter?

Closing Plenary

Successful I/DD provider executives are seriously evaluating the long-term viability of their organizations, given the new demands of payers, the need for hefty technology investments, and the competition organizations finds themselves in. As we wind down the day, we will take a hard look at the risks of not changing, and the potential opportunities and risks of responding to these market changes through divestment of property, merging with other organizations, or investing for growth. In this closing keynote, OPEN MINDS CEO Monica Oss will discuss the factors providers should consider when contemplating growth opportunities in this time of uncertainty.

  • Monica E. Oss
    Monica E. Oss
    Chief Executive Officer & Senior Associate

Until the next I/DD event begins in California.

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